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Alexandria Brown! #SwimClassy

I am an all natural massive weight loss success Mom of two little ones I have turned my obese unhealthy life into a fitness beauty and Health and food blogger, and influencer! I became a certified personal trainer and healthy weight loss nutrition coach via can-fit pro Canada and on Instagram I have over 31,000 followers and growing fast

I would love to advertise collaborate with you! I am looking to inspire others on a body positive level! I am also working with @numamodels a Canada wide modeling company as a lifestyle body positivity style model

I share everything.. personal and all! I have been featured on Toronto’s Live Marilyn Dennis show twice, recently pop sugar fitness wrote a full page story on me and it has been featured all over google home pages yahoo etc.. (still is) I also just worked with an editor at Readers digest which will be published later in January

I have had a massive tummy tuck and augmentation breast lift, but I do have skin left over and stretch marks and my goal in life is to empower women to self love, health and body positivity! I am real, raw and 100% honest about everything and anything to do with life, fitness, food, beauty etc! I’m the girl who will post pictures with my skin on my legs, stretch marks etc.. because this is life and I am real! I want men and woman everywhere to be able to relate to a real life reality person not a magazine ad or social media post where everyone is perfectly flawless.

My instagram blog page can be seen under @nakedhealthjourney


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