POSITIVE BODY #SwimClassy Blog:

POSITIVE BODY IMAGE #SwimClassy Blog: Hilliry Banks

From elementary to middle school I was always picked on and bullied for being too skinny and pretty much having no shape. I recall one instance during my middle school dance class a girl (who shall remain nameless) asked me, “why do you wear a bra, you don’t have any boobs,” in front of the entire dance class. As a young girl who developed later than most girls, that comment was extremely hurtful and embarrassing. I believe when you’re young every child wants to fit in to a certain degree and when you are young self-confidence & positive body image is important to self-esteem. Now it is crazy to see those same girls who bullied me and how different their appearances are in our 20’s. I could have taken the stance, do unto others as they do unto you, but God says, “He will never put more on you than you can bear.” I made it through depression and feeling ugly and they did not break me they made me stronger. Now, I make it a point to uplift my little cousins especially when it comes to body image because I know how it feels to have a negative body mindset.

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