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TGTBTM- You’re Looking Fat!

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I have never had a problem with body image. Since my senior year in high school I had been a consistent 110 or 115 pounds. I gained all my weight while I was pregnant. After my little one I was a whole twenty something pounds heavier (and even more now)!  I know some of you are probably thinking “okay Taylor that's nothing” but for me it was a lot.  I "looked" fine and my doctor said I was doing great but I "felt" like I weighed a ton. No stretch marks but I did have a cute little gut, and my butt felt huge!  My weight gain didn't really affect me until after I had Deuce (my son's nickname).

I would look at my body and remember what it used to look like and become disappointed in myself for not doing more but what is more? After I gave birth I was doing exactly what I was supposed to do; giving my body time to heal, doing  my summer school work to try and catch up, but most importantly taking care of my baby boy. My friends, family, and people I didn't know well, would tell me how good I looked for just to have had a baby but again I felt heavy and insecure. has a great article on different fears about body image that one could have while pregnant but all of mine came after I gave birth.

You see all these celebrities like Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian after they’ve had their babies and you say hey I can look like that, let me kill myself working out and not eating! NO!  What I’ve had to understand is that everyone’s body is different. What works for them or your friend on Instagram who just had a baby and looks great might not work for you, and that’s fine! Try different realistic things and see what works for you and your schedule.

For a while I was doing nothing but eating every and anything I could get my hands on then my grandmother told me I was looking  fat and I had to do something because grandmothers know and they tell it like it is! So I called up a friend told him I needed to get fine and he said he would workout with me! I cut out fried foods, sweets (Snickers are my weakness), and I started drinking a lot more water! I see the difference and others do too but most importantly I feel better!!





Hi my name is Taylor Green and I’m 24 years old from Dallas, TX! I’ve always wanted to start a blog and after I became pregnant and had my baby I thought why not?! I’m a new mom and I have all this new knowledge and insight on the world! Ha!

Motherhood was the best thing that has happened to me but it is not all glitter and gold, it’s hard work! I’ve got a lot going on but I have had a lot of help and have learned a lot along the way and with my blog I plan to share our lives! The Good, The Bad, The Mommy or TGTBTM

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