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My Hair or Yours by Sol Paulino


My hair or yours



So as most of you may know I have really curly hair. I mean really curly like big fro curly. Now at my 24 years of age. I have really learned to love it with its good days, its bad days and its uncooperative days, but where my problem lies is how long it took me to accept my hair.


Growing up in the Dominican culture my hair was not accepted. I had to get it styled at the hair salon every week. Why you ask. It’s because natural hair or curly hair is look down upon there. When I moved to the US everyone always asked me why I wore my hair straight all the time and my answer always was because I didn’t like my hair. I know, I sound kind of silly but your hair is like any other park of your body. You either love it or you don’t. As I grew older I have learned to appreciate my hair in its natural form. Now the problem is that the whole time I was trying to keep my hair straight I processed it and colored it a few times.  At the beginning of this year I started to notice that my curls were not the same anymore.



I decided to make the change. I stopped straightening my hair and decided to go back to a dark color. Then came the search for the right hair products. Now I am sure you all can relate to me when I say that there are A THOUSAND hair products out there in the market and that they all claim to do the same things and they all range in prices but they don’t all work for every hair. So now I was on a hunt to find the perfect products for my hair. After going through what seemed like a million products I finally found the perfect combination for my hair (I will leave a list of the products I used in my current routine at the bottom of the blog), I started to play with different hair styles and I realized that my hair is beautiful and I am in love with it as it is.


I guess the point of me writing this article is that I want to empower all women to love their hair. We were given a personal look/style and we need to embrace it. It is just a matter of finding the right products for your hair type. Having curly, wavy, straight hair makes up part of who we are and we should embrace it. I am still in the way to discover all my hair has to offer, but I will not let other opinions or my ethnic background define my relationship with it. So tell me; my hair or yours?

 To find out what Sol uses for her hair routine visit her blog post here.

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