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#LoveYourself Feature of the Week: Dayana

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We have decided to start a weekly column called #LOVEYOURSELF featuring ladies all around the world telling their inspiring stories on how they began to love and cherish the bodies they are in. This weeks blog post is written by Dayana from Mexico, dedicated to all the mommies around the world!
My name is Dayana & Im from Mexico! I have a 3 year old little boy, who is my world! Your brand is so inspiring to many women around the world. I would love promote your brand & make all women feel beautiful. As a young single mother (having my son at 18) I know how hard it is to take care of yourself & your children, not having anytime for yourself, & not feeling beautiful. Children are always a mothers first priority, however I learned that having children doesn't mean your life is over! 

I started working out 3 months after having my son, I started eating healthier & taking better care of myself, I was the happiest I've ever been & so was my little boy. Children love to see their parents happy. I began to care about my appearance, I started to shop for myself because I deserved it, being a mother 24/7 can get overwhelming, I knew treating myself to the better things in life would make both me & my son happy.
I was never the type to care about what others thought of me, neither should other women. I believe all women are beautiful in their own way, we are all different & that's what makes us unique. It's important for women to understand that just because you had kids doesn't mean your not beautiful, just because you don't look like the model moms in tv doesn't mean anything. We live in a world where millions of fashion companies advertise the wrong idea, body shaming women making them feel less about themselves.Imperfections are beautiful & should be cherished! 

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