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#LoveYourself Feature: Marie Thiam

My name's Marie Thiam.

I was born in Montreal. But both of my parents are from Africa ( Senegal ). When I was 13 y/o, I moved in Senegal and stayed for 2 years. Now I'm in Switzerland with my mom. By the way, she's the only person who supports me. She knows I want to be a model and she's always there for me.
Everywhere I go, people always ask me how did I get this body. I tell them "its just fitness". But what they don't know is the girl they talking to was anorexic.


I was depressive. So my mom decided to "send" me to Senegal. My family lived there. As you can see, I was alone in Canada with my mom. She thought I was depressed because I was living a "routine life". So in Senegal, I started a new life. A better life. My depression was gone and I started to gain weight.

Arrived in Switzerland ( my mom used to live there in the 90s, so she decided to move back while I was in Senegal ), I joined a gym and started to go every week. Here's the result after 2 years. I wanted the "model shape", and I got it. Now my next challenge is to be a model. I know its not that easy but its possible.



Got a story you want to tell about how you came to love the body that your in? Email with photos and your story. Next week's post can be about you.

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