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Alyssa Kipper: Promoter of the Month!

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This month we chose promoter Alyssa Kipper as the Swim Classy promoter of the month! We didn't focus on how many times her code was used, but we focused on how many times she promoted SwimClassy's bathing suits on her IG page.

Not only did she provide SwimClassy with gorgeous photos to promote on her IG but we also decided to make her promotional photo the main photo for our best seller "Sweet Dreams" one piece.

Here are the gorgeous photos she posted for us!


She also posted about SwimClassy on her blog about trending one piece swimsuits! Check out her blog post about SwimClassy here.

To reward her for her amazing promotion, SwimClassy has sent Alyssa an unreleased swimsuit as well as a pair of silver mirrored sunnies! This is Alyssa wearing a swimsuit that we will be releasing next week along with our new Luxury Collection. The swimsuit will come in Small, Medium, and Large!


Not only did we send her this unreleased swimsuit, but we have also decided to name it after her for being out first promoter of the month! Yes loves, this new bathing suit design will make a debut next week and will be called "Alyssa" 

If you wish to follow this babe on social media give her a follow @AlyssaKipper

The next promoter of the month will be announced mid August loves so keep an eye out! Till then, we know you ladies will be swimming classy!



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