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Learning how to love yourself!

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Life is not about how skinny you are or looking like a supermodel or that gorgeous celebrity in a magazine cover. It is about feeling good in your own skin that you were born with. You only have one body, so why not love it for what it is? 

Do you girls agree this trend is now becoming a problem?

Here at Swimclassy our mission is to nspire girls around the world.

"Our vision on body positivity is about feeling great about yourself, because we believe that you are great and we are here to remind you." - Danny Carmona Co-Owner of Swimclassy

Take a look at our website and you will see a trend. This trend is that bodies are NOT a TREND. All the ladies representing #SwimClassy are of different body types, ethnicity, heights, weights, etc. All bodies ARE BEAUTIFUL!

Do you want to take your stance and make a difference?

Rock a #SWIMCLASSY bathing suit, write your story, tag us, and influence ladies worldwide. TOGETHER we can make a difference.

Either way you can choose to believe those magazine covers, supermodel dogma or you can join a vision that fits you.

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