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"She Is A Flower" Body Acceptance Poem submitted A.Dam

I would like to share my self-love journey and body acceptance in the form of a poem that I wrote, which I call “She Is A Flower”:

“She is a flower.

But when she was just a small seed,

She was influenced by other powers

That a rose’s beauty was a need.

She looked up to the other roses.

She wanted their petal shapes

With perfect stem poses,

And zero ugly scrapes.

What ended up happening

Was a deadly game of comparisons.

Thoughts of leaf thinning,

Alongside exercising tons.

Sensitivity was at an all-time high,

And self-confidence an all-time low.

With help she told her mindset goodbye,

And instead let herself blossom and grow.

She bloomed after her lessons were learned.

Even the most magnificent roses

Could simply just be hiding their thorns.

While some petals can be improved,

Some stay the same from being born.

So yes, she will always be a flower.

Imperfect in a beautifully unique way.

She now appreciates and takes care of herself

More and more each and every day.”

- A. Dam


Instagram accounts: @avydxo & @a.vyd (photography)

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