Alexandria Brown! #SwimClassy

Hello #SwimClassy,

The story about me is simple. I used to weight around 110lbs. I have worn sizes 0 to 10. I started to struggle with my weight in high school where I was probably the biggest I ever. I lost the weight to where I was comfortable and happy. After having children, I struggled losing weight and pregnancy gave me a Thyroid condition, which made it even more difficult to lose weight. I struggled with my weight in the beginning not allowing myself to accept me for me. I also struggled with allowing my weight to consume me. I didn’t love myself the way I used to. I learned to accept myself as I grew older

The one thing that helps and inspire me to accept and love my body is my confident that I have and accepting all my flaws. I believe my love for fashion has always help me ever since I was little. It has given me confident from wearing my favorite black dress without caring if I had a small roll or two on my belly I just work it like there was no tomorrow. I accept my flaws because that what made me special and unique. The stretch marks that I have are a sign of my two beautiful children who lived in my belly for almost 9 months. Before I used to work out because I need to lose weight to fit the standard size of clothing. I work out because I want to be healthy. I eat better because I want to. I want to make my own standard on my blog. I want everyone to feel confident in whatever size they want to wear.

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